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Make a Donation

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The Biscuit Factory underpins the livelihood of over 50 staff, supports the careers of thousands of artists and attracts over 100k visitors a year into the local economy. We do not receive public funding, arts council financial support or rely on any grants to carry out our work, so for the first time in our 17-year history we are reaching out and asking for support.

Please help us to help support our staff. 

The independent arts sector can be precarious in the best of economic climates but closing our doors this week means very simply that we have no income coming into the business. Whilst we recognise that in challenging times we are far from an essential service for day to day life, if everyone who would normally visit, buy from us, eat in our cafe, take part in our workshops, or attend one of our events were able to donate a small amount, buy a gift voucher or continued to purchase items online, we can navigate these worrying times and sustain employment for our team and continue to provide the valuable platform and services we do for so many people in the region and beyond.

Each donation amount listed below represents a normal day-to-day spend here at The Biscuit Factory. If you are able, please donate one of these amounts and we will direct all funds raised towards supporting our team. 

£1 - A little goes a long way

£3 - A handmade card

£5 - A take away lunch deal from The Factory Kitchen

£10 - A creative read

£20 - A unique gift for a loved one

£35 - A place on an artist-led workshop

£50 - A piece of handcrafted jewellery