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Mushroom Sculpt x Threads in the Ground

This Summer The Biscuit Factory is delighted to host Threads in the Ground for an exciting project: Mushroom Sculpt.
In partnership with The Bound bookshop by Foum Books, 'Threads' will be creating a totally unique installation, crafted from a ground-breaking new eco material! Starting with hands-on workshops in February and March, with the help of the public, they'll begin to create the building blocks for a structure which will become a specialist library, installed here at The Biscuit Factory. Read on to find out more about the project, and how to get involved...

Who are Threads in the Ground?

Threads in the Ground are a climate hope organisation - unearthing powerful climate stories to help more people be good ancestors. ‘Threads’ helps people to play and experiment with climate change ideas and technologies. We run creative projects, resources and campaigns to help people connect with hope and excitement in climate action, as well as providing training and consultancy.

What is Mushroom Sculpt?

Mushroom Sculpt is an exciting project using an emerging eco-material made from fungus, using waste products like straw and paper to make “mycelial blocks”.

Mushroom Sculpt will take scrap cardboard - donated by The Bound - and use it to build a pop-up bookshop inside The Biscuit Factory for the Late Shows. A bookshop grown from bookshop waste!

Help us build...

Join us for a series of workshops throughout February and March where you will help us to create the bricks that will build the installation. You'll learn all about the material, mix and mould it yourself and even take some home to create your own sculptures!

Find out more about Mushroom Sculpt Workshops here

When will the book shop be built?

The final structure will be unveiled at The Biscuit Factory as part of Late Shows on Friday 17 May, from 7-9pm. Keep your eyes peeled for more details, or, if you take part in one of our workshops we'll make sure you get an invitation to the unveiling!

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