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Image shows a cropped section of a painting by Richard Foster

Richard Foster

Part of the New Light Prize Exhibition 2020

Richard Foster is a Cumbrian based printmaker, living close to the Lake District hills and overlooking the expanses of Morecambe Bay. His most recent work celebrates the extraordinary power of plant growth – the annual cycle of germination, development and reproduction that goes largely unnoticed by humans, and lives to a vastly different timescale to the rest of the natural world. The work suggests the unconscious but unstoppable ability of plants to regenerate the environment when free from the impact of humans.

Richard trained as an art historian and the work of English artists of the early 20th Century, can be detected in his work. He has exhibited throughout the UK, but especially in northern England. He is the recipient of a Fenton Arts Trust Prize and has work in collections in the UK and Japan.