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View and buy homeware and lighting by PLYable Design at The Biscuit Factory

PLYable Design

PLYable Design is a design studio based in Blyth, Northumberland.

PLYable is interested in design that can respond to the changing needs of different users over time. Working simultaneously in architecture, interior design, furniture and product design PLYable's projects explore practicality, flexibility and personality with unique designs that encourage owners and users to engage, interpret and enjoy.

All the designs share the same philosophy- that furniture should be useful, fun, made to last, be enjoyed by grown-ups of all ages and leave room for imagination.

Drawing from our architectural and interior backgrounds PLYable designs furniture and lighting pieces, as one offs and for batch production.

'Wishbone Rocking Chair', a quirky wooden chair by PLYable Design. Image shows a pale wooden rocking chair made up of flat panels of wood, the seat is a piece of dark material which hangs between the two sides. The chair sits on a wooden floor with an exposed brick wall behind it.

Wishbone Rocking Chair

'Filter Lightshade and Stand', a wooden quirky floor lamp with shade and stand by PLYable Design.

Filter Lightshade and Stand

'Stool 8x8x15', a wooden quirky seat by PLYable Design. Image shows a row of light wooden stools made up of flat panels with cut out details and red cord attaching the tops to the legs. They sit on a mosaic tile floor in front of a polish wooden table with grey pewter beer mugs sat on top. In the background is a navy panelled wall.Sold

Plywood Stool 8 x 8 X 15


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'Stool 8x4x6' a handcrafted wooden chair by PLYable Design. Image shows a grey high stool sat on a white background. The stool is made up of separate flat wooden panels fastened together and with red cord tying the top to the legs.

Plywood Stool 8 x 4 x 6