16 Stoddart Street

Newcastle upon Tyne


Daily 10am - 5pm

Olga Prinku

Olga Prinku

My work combines dried and preserved flowers and other plant-based natural materials with tulle fabric, to create motifs drawn from nature and traditional folkloric embroidery patterns or tapestries. 
 It’s an intricate process that demands a high level of dedication and focus, and an intimate feel for the breaking point of the fragile raw materials in my fingertips. I have a sense of being led by the plants themselves as I often freestyle to distribute the design within the space.
In the finished works, the tulle fabric becomes an invisible canvas for organic patterns that seem to float in their frame, creating potential for a play of light and shadows that adds another visual dimension. As all natural materials change with time, each piece will develop a new aesthetic as it matures.
I see my artistic work as paying homage to the beauty of nature by combining natural elements in new ways – and as a reflection on the fragility yet strength of the natural world around us.

Typography Flowers on Tulle  - Deluxe Kit by Olga Prinku | Get Creative at The Biscuit Factory Newcastle

Typography Flowers on Tulle - Deluxe Kit


We have a range of work available from this artist, please contact the gallery for details 0191 261 1103.

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