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Original handmade ceramics by Kirsty Adams at The Biscuit Factory.

Kirsty Adams

Kirsty Adams is a Newcastle-based ceramic artist. She originally trained at Brighton Art College and then on the potters’ wheel in Japan. She has developed a personal approach to throwing on the wheel using porcelain clay, to produce unique pieces for the home.

Kirsty Adams' work is both functional and holds aesthetic meaning, retaining the spontaneity and delicacy intrinsic to making on the potters’ wheel. A Japanese comb tool is used to create and enhance the throwing lines. The high gloss glaze references the porcelain in its wet state, while the bronze, oxide or copper rim detail brings individuality to each piece. 

Kirsty recently won a Crafts Council opportunity to design a bespoke range for the National Trust's Artisan and Craft Collection. In addition to being represented on the Crafts Council Makers Directory, Kirsty is a member of the Society of Designer Craftsmen.

Buy 'Black Porcelain and Copper Chilli Flake Bowl', a small ceramic bowl by Kirsty Adams. Image shows three small bowls in black porcelain with a light blue glaze around the rim captured from the side. One bowl to the left contains a small amount of chili flakes just visible over the rim of the bowl and the other two appear empty. The background is white

Black Porcelain and Copper Chilli Flake Bowl

Yunomi cup

Yunomi cup

Buy 'Salt Bowl', a small ceramic dish by Kirsty Adams. Image shows a small cream ceramic dish with a bronze rim captured from above. Next to it is a small brown cardboard box branded with a white and grey sticker reading 'KA'. The items are sat on a white background.

Salt Bowls


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Buy 'Small White and Cobalt Moon Jar', a rounded ceramic vessel by Kirsty Adams. Image shows three small rounded white pots with a short, slightly fluted neck coloured in a vivid blue glaze. The pots form a triangle and are shot front on. In the leftmost pot a stem of green leaves sprouts from inside. The vases sit on a pale grey background.

Small White and Cobalt Moon Jar

Buy 'Black Porcelain and Cobalt Chilli Flake Bowl', a small ceramic bowl by Kirsty Adams. Image shows three small ceramics in black porcelain with a navy blue glaze captured from above. The bowl in the foreground is filled with chilli flakes and has more sprinkled beside it. The bowl in the background sits empty and the third is mostly outside the frame of the image.

Black Porcelain and Cobalt Chilli Flake Bowl


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Large Moon Jar in Black Stoneware by ceramicist Kirsty Adams. Image shows a round black vase with a single pink flower on a white background. Shop original handmade ceramics at The Biscuit Factory art gallery.

Large Moon Jar

Buy 'Tree Christmas Decoration', a ceramic tree ornament by Kirsty Adams. Image shows a cream ceramic tree silhouette tipped with a bottle green glaze, lay flat on a white surface.

Tree Christmas Decoration