16 Stoddart Street

Newcastle upon Tyne


Daily 10am - 5pm

Enamel art at The Biscuit Factory. Image shows white enamel gardening tools.

Jessica Thorn

The aesthetic and design of manufactured metal tins hasn’t changed for over 200 years. Fascinated by this curious fact, Jessica began to design and make ceramic pieces inspired by the characteristics and forms of metal tins through vitrified porcelain.

A passion for both cooking and eating has naturally influenced Jessica’s functional response within her designs. She is charmed with the simplistic design of tin and enamelware and aims to encapsulate and reminisce vintage kitchenware through her contemporary designs.

The delicate nature of porcelain excited Jessica and seemed the obvious material choice to marry contemporary design with her response to old kitchenware. The experimentation of hand building, colouring and polishing porcelain, allowed her to express and create an honest contemporary response to her obsession with massed produced enamelware.

The refined colour pallet was developed from a study into Jessica’s fascination of rusting and patination on the surface of metal. The colours derive from the use of coloured slip and non-ceramic materials as leather, copper and cork, providing character, depth and an unique feel for each piece.