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View and buy original paintings by Alexander Shibniov online at The Biscuit Factory. Image shows a long landscape painting of a snow covered street in the background. In the foreground is a woman wearing a large round hat holding a dandelion.

Alexander Shibniov

From Belarus, Alexander Shibniov is the fifth generation of fine artists in his family. Born in 1962, he studies at the Minsk School of Art where he graduated in Fine Art and Applied Arts.

After an early career decorating public buildings, Alexander moved towards the tradition of fine art that has been passed down through the generations of his family.

Using a unique tempera 'paint', which sees the natural coloured pigments combined with egg yolk, and realised on wood, Alexander's compositions are embedded in Russian traditionalism. Each piece conveys a timeless narrative, with sensitive tributes to Russian culture and with a simplicity that belies an exceptional talent in both technique and storytelling.

Buy 'Portrait of a Young Woman', tempura on panel by Alexander Shibniov. Image shows a woman in profile on a gold and pink background wearing a peach dress with her hair twisted up and braided.Sold

Portrait of a Young Woman

Buy 'Winter Chrysanthemum', tempura on panel by Alexander Shibniov. Image shows a painting of a snowy landscape background with a woman at the centre of the foreground wearing brown patterned clothing and holding a white chrysanthemum.

Winter Chrysanthemum

Buy 'Angel and House', tempura on panel by Alexander Shibniov. Image shows a a painting of a tall pale building flanked by circular trees with an angle playing a trumpet above on a gold background.

Angel and House


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