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Original Art For Sale by Ade Adesina. Image is of a black and white intricate linocut of an otherworldly city featuring whales and boats flying amongst the clouds.

Ade Adesina

Ade Adesina, born in Nigeria 1980, is currently a full time Artist based in Aberdeen, Scotland. Royal Scottish Academician and member of the Royal Glasgow Institute of The Fine Art. Past Artist in Residence at Eton College & Glasgow Print Studio. 

He describes himself as a "traditional printmaker, painter and sculptor with a modern twist" working mostly with woodcarving, linocut, etching, and oil. Ade combines his African cultural roots with his experience of British culture, producing work that makes people reflect on the past, present and the future and particularly ideas around ecology and the effect of the human footprint on the planet. 

Original handmade print by Ade Adesina at The Biscuit Factory


Original print by Ade Adesina at The Biscuit Factory

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