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Valérie Wartelle: Closer Still


2 September - 11 October 2023

Introducing 'Closer Still': A Solo Exhibition with accomplished textile artist Valérie Wartelle. The first large scale solo show of textile works ever to be shown in the Cube Gallery The Biscuit Factory.

Opening on the 2 September, 'Closer Still' unveils a collection of felted artworks. The exhibition's opening will offer a unique chance to engage with Valérie herself, as she conducts live demonstrations of traditional felting techniques within the gallery. Mark your calendars and immerse yourself in the world of textile artistry as 'Closer Still' transports you into Valérie Wartelle's remarkable artistic realm.

Since establishing her full-time practice late 2014, she received a Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST) award in 2021 which took her to the Netherlands to work with artist and activist Claudy Jonstra. Last year she was invited to showcase her work at Collect 2022, the International Contemporary Craft and Design Art Fair, as part of the QEST gallery.

Step into Valérie's Realm

For a deeper insight into Valérie's creative journey, take a look at 'Sensory Dialogue'. This captivating short film, skillfully crafted by the immensely talented Sarah Mason in Autumn 2020, sheds light on Valérie's artistic practice.

The heart of Valérie's practice lies in the art of process. She aptly explains, "Deep understanding of materials and the mechanics of a craft create an intuitive space during creation. This isn't just a thought process; it's also a sensory language that I constantly strive to explore. My work is essentially a reflection of the ongoing sensory dialogue between process, material, and myself."

Explore the Artistry

In 'Closer Still' Valérie Wartelle explores the freedom of her original mixed media drawings to delve into the minutiae of her marks. From paper to fibre, she expands her curiosity through scale, colour, and texture. These contemplative semi-abstract landscapes rich in climate and light, aim to nurture a sense of place and ease. Fascinated by the organic qualities intrinsic to the traditional wet felting technique, she works solely with natural materials such as wool, silk and linen fibres, and over the years has perfected a unique approach to the craft.

This exhibition will feature captivating pieces like 'Moon Dancing', 'As the Cow Flies', 'Peering Out', 'By the Lakeside', and 'Jade Folds'.


Take a Closer Look

Valérie's expertise shines through, with an acute understanding of how to manipulate materials and scale to achieve stunning results.

The portfolio presented here distinctly emanates an air of refinement and tranquillity, enriching diverse living and working spaces. This curated collection comprises an array of framed artworks, encompassing a range of sizes.

This collection is well suited to create cohesive gallery walls, to enhance open spaces and create focal points by seamlessly integrating larger works; or to subtley enhance more intimate and compact spaces with with smaller works that shape the surrounding ambiance.

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