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In the Studio / Henrietta Corbett

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Having studied fine art at Wolverhampton Polytechnic under Anish Kapoor and Nicola Hicks, Henrietta Corbett has become one of Leicestershire's most widely recognised artists, her work is currently represented by leading galleries throughout the UK.

Henrietta's prints, ceramics and paintings, rich in textures and simple forms, are full of totemic creatures. Horses and birds stand in abstracted landscapes. While her imagery has a timeless quality, recalling animals carved into chalk hills or on a cave wall, her bold compositions and sophisticated mark-making demonstrate the confidence of an artist at the height of her powers.

Please tell us a bit about yourself and your practice.

I studies Sculpture and Print (BA Hons Fine Art) at Wolverhampton Polytechnic in the early eighties - I've been a practising artist ever since! I also gained a PGCE from the university of Brighton and went on to teach art in East Sussex for several years.

"I enjoy paring down my images to create a simple stylised form, even with landscape I find myself ‘editing’ the shapes to suit a composition.."

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What inspires your work?

I was inspired greatly by the art works of Elizabeth Frink, Paul Klee, Mark Rothko and Marino Marini, all introduced to me at art college. I enjoy paring down my images to create a simple stylised form, even with landscape I find myself ‘editing’ the shapes to suit a composition. Inspiration is difficult to qualify as I think it’s more about a need to create, an artist has to find their own language and then run with it.

"I carry an iPad with me wherever I go, recording landscapes."

Tell us about your workspace.

I have a studio at home. It’s always a mess and I’m continually trying to clear the decks. Creating paintings, prints and sculptures makes it quite difficult at times and I have to commit certain times just for doing one medium or I get in a muddle…

Describe your creative process. Do you work with a particular routine?

I carry an iPad with me wherever I go, recording landscapes. The bright yellows of rape seed fields to the grey and purple skyline of an industrial town, all lend themselves to inspire a new piece of work. One thing always informs another, even if I don’t see it straight away, there is always a trace of a previous idea or image in the next things I make.

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Which artist’s work do you admire?

I studied Sculpture, In fact bronze casting. So I made my first ever pieces out of wax or clay before making moulds and then using molten bronze ( lost wax process) So I’d say sculpture is the medium I always return to. Printmaking and painting came later when I realised it cost a lot of money to cast in bronze!

Do you have a favourite piece of artwork?

Horse and Rider 1950 (bronze) by Marino Marini

Do you have a favourite piece in your summer collection?

I like the painting “Horse with Grey Barn” It’s a quiet, contemplative painting.

Henrietta's headline collection will be on display in the gallery until 3 November 2019.

All of Henrietta's work is available to purchase online and in the gallery.

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