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Dudley Edwards Transcending Eras


Tranquil Echoes: Coming 27 October

'Tranquil Echoes' - a solo-exhibition by artist Dudley Edwards - showcases a collection that has evolved and transformed over decades, reflecting the artist’s’ unwavering dedication to his craft.

Hailing from West Yorkshire, Dudley graduated from art school in Bradford and started a career in the 1960s that intertwined with the popular culture of the day. From music to film to fashion his bright and bold murals, created alongside fellow artist Doug Binder, were synonymous with the 'Swinging Sixties' scene in London.

His own interests and artistic inspiration, though, lie with the artists of the 1900s, particularly those embedded in the Parisian art scene of the early-mid century. Dudley considers these artists to be at the pinnacle of their craft, and their work has strongly influenced his approach, processes and creativity; which has become the focus of his contemporary work, and this collection.

We mark the launch of Dudley's exhibition with an informal conversation with the artist, whose life and experience is filled with fascinating stories and anecdotes. Join us to hear how a boy from Bradford befriended The Beatles: Friday 27 October 7pm - click the link below to get your tickets, then read on to find out more about Dudley!


Step into the Swinging Sixties

Dudley Edwards soared into the limelight in 1965, emerging as a prominent figure in the heart of ‘Swinging Sixties’ London. He swiftly solidified his legendary status as one of the co-founders of a groundbreaking pop art collective alongside Douglas Binder. This collective was a dynamic fusion of artistic talents which led to the creation of Sir Paul McCartney’s Iconic ‘Magic Piano’ among other iconic commissions of the time. From painted cars to fashion boutique murals; Dudley Edwards, along with his peers, was not merely a witness to the artistic revolution of the 1960s; he was an active participant, shaping the course of Pop Art history and in the process creating ‘the look’ of that era.

“Dudley Edwards [is an] undisputed star of the London rock scene. The great John Lennon spent many hours at the home of Paul McCartney, sitting admiring the murals painted by Dudley Edwards.”  Il Fatto Quotidiano Newspaper, Italy

Where Art transcends Era

Dudley’s artistic career extended beyond mural-painting as he experimented and explored other endeavours including light shows, and in the mid ‘90s joined his partner Madeline to produce bespoke textiles favoured by architects and designers across the world. All the while Dudley's passion to focus on his own fine art practice in painting and drawing lingered. Inspired by the luminaries of the early 1900's Parisian Art Scene including figures such as Mattisse, Picasso, Bonnard, Degas, Monet, Cezanne, Seurat and Mogdiliani, Dudley began exploring several themes within his artwork but all informed by the sense of trying to deal with ‘the human condition’.

In this exhibition of original paintings and prints Dudley often references compositional tools of early Modernism, challenging conventions and breaking down depth through aerial perspective and compositions crafted around enclosed space, focusing on shedding the inessential and preserving the essence. His motifs also include the human form, interior spaces and abstracted landscapes and architecture.

"I like my imagery to work by implication, by suggestion, by hinting, to ‘imbue’. I wish to portray the human condition and seemingly simple, intimate, domestic life, like Vermeer, Degas and Bonnard, or possibly with just a hint of mystery like Hopper and Hammershoi. It only requires an almost imperceptible shift for the ordinary and mundane to become magical. I like the things that are slightly out of kilter as in a film by Tarkovsky. For me painting reached its zenith at the early part of the twentieth Century in Paris, in order to move forward, we must be willing to go back."

Revolutionize your Space

This collection encompasses an array of visual styles; from the bold and dramatic to the subtle and nuanced; to make a grand statement or create an understated focal point. It's an invitation to engage with art in a way that speaks to one's individual preferences and the unique character of the space it inhabits; allowing you to make your surroundings your own, find art that empowers you, and create an environment that resonates with your style.



Tranquil Echoes is an exhibition connecting the past, present, and future of art. It's an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the vibrant spirit of the 1960s and carry that energy forward, redefining our spaces and our perception of painting. Dudley Edwards has been a part of it, and through 'Tranquil Echoes,' he invites us all to be a part of this ongoing journey. This exhibition is not one to miss!

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