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Plan your dream wedding in less than a year

by The Biscuit Factory

A unique city wedding venue in Newcastle - The Biscuit Factory. Image by Dan McCourt.

When it comes to wedding planning, many couples choose to opt for a longer engagement, leaving more room to make decisions and spread the cost. In fact, according to Bridebook’s UK Wedding Report 2023, the average length of engagements was 31 months, indicating that couples are taking their time before tying the knot.

This isn’t the case for every couple however, and it’s certainly possible to plan a wedding within a matter of months. Whether you’re after a more relaxed affair, have a change in circumstances, or are simply the spontaneous type, here are our top tips for planning a wedding in less than a year.


Let’s Get Legal

First things first, the legalities. In England and Wales, 28 days notice must be given to the Register Office before a marriage can take place, so it’s worth adding this to the top of your list so it can be completed quickly and then forgotten about. This means that if you’d like to get married ASAP, you’ll have to wait at least a month.

The Budget Conversation

Before you can book anything, you need to know the budget that you’re working to, so make sure you and your partner are clear on what you’re both comfortable to spend. As your wedding isn’t too far away, you’ll have to start spending fairly soon, if not immediately, and there won’t be the option of longer term payment plans. Cost is a big driver in determining how long couples’ engagements are so make sure you’re supported enough to be able to pay your suppliers when necessary.


Timing Is Everything

There are aspects of your wedding that require attention more urgently than others and it’s useful to have outlined a timeline so you’re able to stay organised and not miss anything out. It may be that you’re not able to book every supplier of your choice, which brings us to our next point…

The Biscuit Factory is a unique wedding venue in Newcastle, set in a contemporary art gallery. Image by Unfurl Photography.

Stay Flexible

The perk of having a longer engagement is that your preferences are more likely to be accomplished, however with a shorter planning period you may have to compromise.

For example, your first wedding venue choice might already be fully booked on the date you want to get married, however they may have availability on a weekday instead. It’s always worth checking with a venue to see if they can accommodate or whether they have an alternative option that could work instead.

Here at The Biscuit Factory, we welcome enquiries and can sometimes accommodate short notice bookings due to our different celebration spaces. Find out more about our venue here.

Having a flexible approach will make the process less stressful and may alleviate any disappointment with not being able to get exactly what you want.

On the edge of the city, The Biscuit Factory is a relaxed yet lively wedding venue in Newcastle. Image by Unfurl Photography.

Venue, Set, Go

Until you find a venue and can set a date, a lot of other factors are on pause and guests are left waiting to know when they need to be available. The quicker you can confirm when and where you’re getting married, the more likely that guests are going to be free to be able to attend. This also makes it a lot easier to book in with other suppliers so they know when they are working to.


The Main Event

The outfits of course! It’s no secret that brides are recommended to buy their wedding dress at least a year in advance of their wedding, so where does that leave you when you’re planning a wedding in a matter of months? Don’t worry, there are options!

If you’d like to stick to the traditional route and buy your dress from a bridal boutique, they may be able to expedite delivery for an additional fee or offer some ready-to-wear options. Alternatively, you could look to the high street for a more accessible option. Some of our top picks for high street bridalwear are: Whistles, Needle & Thread, Reformation, ASOS.

Grooms generally have more flexibility and can secure a suit relatively quickly from major retailers, with a timeframe of 1-2 months typically required.


Planning a wedding in a shorter time frame requires efficient decision-making, flexibility, and proactive organisation. While many couples opt for longer engagements, the possibility of arranging a memorable wedding in a matter of months is entirely feasible and exciting.

If you’d like to connect with our events team and see what a wedding at The Biscuit Factory could look like, email events@thebiscuitfactory.com or call 0191 261 1103.

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