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Heirloom Jewellery - A Buying Guide

The Biscuit Factory stocks a collection of Heirloom Jewellery. Showcasing beautiful, handmade and one off pieces from a range of designers. The pieces are a wonderful choice for engagements, anniversaries or significant occasions, designed to be cherished for a lifetime. This collection features both silver and gold, precious and semi-precious stones.

Choosing your Metal

We have a selection of gold and silver jewellery, including yellow, white and rose gold, in 9ct, 14ct and 18ct.

Gold with a higher carat, has a higher gold content in the alloy, and the colour of the gold depends on the other metals in the alloy, for example Rose gold has a higher content of copper.

White gold is more hard-wearing than yellow gold, so it is a good choice for people who have a practical job/work a lot with their hands.

18ct gold will also be harder wearing than 9ct gold. 18ct is a great choice to last for many generations.

Jewellery made with gold will have a hallmark, confirming the maker's name, where it was assayed, the purity of precious metal, and the year it was made.

The hallmark for 9ct gold is 375, for 18ct gold it is 750, for silver it is 925.


Ring Sizing and Style

We can assist you with identifying your ring size in the gallery, but it is ultimately your responsibility to provide the correct size.

A few things to consider: Temperature can have a big effect on ring size, so be careful taking a ring size on a very hot or very cold day. Consider taking a ring size on a few different days, in order to get an accurate size.

For comfort and security, it is best to choose a ring with a snug fit, rather than a loose fit. It’s better to have a ring that is snug on a warm day, than a ring that may fall off and get lost on a cold day.

Ring Style will very much be the wearer’s preference, but some useful terminology when thinking about choosing a ring:

The gauge describes the depth/thickness of the metal

The width of the ring is the distance from one edge of the ring to the other.

The profile is the shape of a cross section of the ring. Many of our rings are round or flat sections, but wedding rings are commonly D Section.


Our Heirloom Jewellery collection showcases work from designers Hannah Bedford, Kate Wood, Mim Best and more.


Resizing or Commissioning

Many of the pieces available can either be resized – or can be re-made to commission.

Resizing involves sending the selected piece back to the jeweller for them to alter to fit the wearer.

If you are looking to buy a ring for a surprise proposal, we recommend checking before purchase that the jeweller will be able to re-size that particular ring after the proposal.

As a general rule, rings without stones are much easier to resize than rings with stones.

Commissioning requires an entirely new piece to be made. This could be in a similar style to work we have on display, or a design we have on display, in a different metal, or with a different stone. For example, if you see a piece in the gallery in silver, we may be able to commission the same design in gold.  

If you are interested in having an item re-sized, or a bespoke commission specially made, please speak to a member of our team.

Rings that are resized or commissioned must be paid for in full in advance and are non-refundable.

Trying on & consultations

You are welcome to view, try on and purchase without an appointment, but if you require more guidance or wish to talk about commissioning a piece of jewellery, we advise that you contact our team. Our Jewellery Curator (and jeweller) is available for more bespoke advice. If you would like more information, or further help, you can request a consultation with our Jewellery curator by appointment on Mondays or Friday mornings.

Book a consultation with our team by emailing art@thebiscuitfactory.com

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