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Meet our new Bloggers in Residence, who’ll be helping us to champion all things creative and independent here at The Biscuit Factory.

Meet our new Bloggers in Residence, who’ll be helping us to champion all things creative and independent here at The Biscuit Factory.

Look out for their curated pick of insights, highlights and experiences over the winter season as they share a variety of inspiring content online, bringing you closer to the thriving arts and culture scene in Newcastle.


A little about you...

Hi I'm Horts - The Culture Vulture. I'm a cultural adventurer, creative champion and super proud 30 something Northerner. I'm a gin loving, kitchen twirling, cat cuddling, extreme shopaholic and art obsessed lass who can do a brilliant Tina Turner impression.

Tell us about your blog

My blog and social media entity is The Culture Vulture - it all started about three years ago, when I wanted to create and grow a platform that was all about celebrating the North; all its creativity, lushness and champion all the brilliant thriving and vibing artists, creatives, indie venues, events, festivals etc. It was created to be an empowering forum - I really buzz from championing and celebrating others - so wanted to create a platform that gave other people a platform!

I've also become the voice of the independents in the region too. A sneaky secret about me that people don't realise, is that I'm super shy and an introvert (obviously I've had to get over that) but The Culture Vulture enables me to attend events and talk to people that I wouldn't as 'Horts'. Doing live social media means I can hide behind my phone with a positive purpose - so because of my inclination to do that people invite me to take over their social accounts and live social their events. It's win win! I'm a queen lurker.

I take inspiration from everywhere and everyone - I love stepping outside my comfort zone. People tend to just go and see/experience the things they like - I like taking a chance, discovering new and emerging things and I'm privileged to celebrate the arts in the region. I can't tell you how much a gallery visit or chatting to an artist in their studio puts a spring in my step during my working week - I just love it!

I feature all types of content - mostly lifestyle, visual arts, performance and theatre, events, creative and empowering content. I don't do reviews - as who am I to 'judge' art!? I do a mixture of real time stuff at places and pre-championing. Everything I post is from the heart and things that I'm passionate about and want to share.

What do you love about the arts and culture scene here in the North East?

Anything is possible - we've got such a strong independent scene - having a career in the arts or as an artist is possible. People are collaborating on amazing projects and make stuff happen! The events on are just amazing...I have such a rich life, attending things - it really is thriving and vibing. There's something very special and exciting bubbling away in the scene at the moment and it's not only a privilege to play a small part in it, but it's also infectious!


A little about you...

I’m Danielle, 31 and live in Gateshead just next to the river looking into my favourite city - Newcastle upon Tyne. I have a husband, Andy, who I married 3 years ago at The Biscuit Factory and we have a gorgeous (cheeky) little girl called Alice who recently turned 2. I work as a civil servant during the day and in my spare time my passion is interiors and getting out and about in the North East. I love to be creative, will try anything and consider myself a full on Pinterest addict!

Tell us about your blog

After blogging on and off for a couple of years my main focus came after having my house shot for Your Home magazine by the lovely Beautiful Homes in the North. I loved seeing the styling and all the extra bits that go into creating a magazine shoot and I realised there was this interior world out there. I never took it too seriously and was one of those that would post a bit of everything.

Fast forward 2 years and post wedding I was looking for something to pour all that organisation energy into and it became my home. I started posting more on Instagram and chatting to more like minded people. Once we moved house (just over a year ago) I had the opportunity to completely redecorate and I’ve become more involved in the interiors community.

I also took over Girl in the North from Katie earlier this year which was an established North East blog and whilst I’m still getting to grips with the blog side of things I’ve really enjoyed growing an audience, finding people with similar interests and chatting about not only interiors but life in general.

Recently I was awarded Real Homes Home and Garden of the Year Best Home Makeover and in the past year I’ve been lucky enough to work with some fantastic brands!

What do you love about the arts and culture scene here in the North East?

I think the interior and arts scene has really grown in the North East and there’s been a sudden realisation of all the fantastic, talented and creative people we have. With focus on supporting smaller and independent, it’s been great to see so many artists and creatives thrive. There is such a huge variety of things to do, sights to see and things to learn here in the North East.

I think art has become really accessible thanks to things like social media, culture advocates and small independent galleries. With people on the doorstep shouting about what they love it’s helping spread the message and getting more people involved.

Interiors has such a huge community in the North East and we probably don’t talk enough about it but with events such at Northern Quarters showcasing some of the best things about interiors up North - it’s clear to see why the community is growing. Personally on my journey the last year or so, I’ve met some absolutely fantastic people and discovered so many new and exciting things right on my doorstep.

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