16 Stoddart Street

Newcastle upon Tyne


Daily 10am - 5pm

Buy handmade ceramic sculpture by Helen Martino at The Biscuit Factory. Image shows a sculpture of a man and woman sitting cuddled up on a patchwork sofa. The piece is blue and white with gold accents and the background is grey.

Helen Martino

Having trained as a potter, Helen’s work has evolved to place emphasis on the conceptual over functional element of ceramics. Helen creates sculptures which embody a sense of narrative. Each piece within a series explores an element of the story through a change in scale, movement, composition or colour. With a broad source of inspiration from the exaggerated and stylised movements actors employ in silent movies to Mogul and Persian miniature paintings, Helen’s sculptures relate to a single moment where, great or small, events in people’s lives are revealed by a gesture.