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In the Studio / Light Up North

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This season we welcome Light Up North to the gallery with a collection of EL-wire neon artwork. Opening at our Winter Launch, the collection marks the beginning of a long-term residency in Artisan Social Space.

Light up North makes bespoke EL neon lights and illuminated art from their workshops in Saltburn by the sea, North Yorkshire. They champion the best of British design, superb customer service and expert manufacturing, providing popular designs as well as custom pieces to brighten your home.

The exhibition is nearly here! Tell us about the collection coming to The Biscuit Factory.

We have some new work that we are really excited to debut at The Biscuit Factory this winter, as the nights draw in we know everyone will enjoy the glow. This is our first exhibition in Newcastle and we feel really honoured.

How would you describe the featured work you'll be showcasing?

At Light up North we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Design and art can be fun, and a little bit cheeky. We are trying to help people realise that they are already interior design gurus. That cool is just for the taking, if you think that it’s cool - it completely is, and if you love it and want it in your home - that is all you need to be concerned with.

"This is a big and delightful step for us [...] as we exhibit our illuminated art in a public gallery - it’s where we want to be!"

How often do you plan on updating the work?

We hope that it will be a constantly evolving space that will grow and develop as we do. Currently we try to extend our range by a piece a month.

How much does the artwork cost?

Our work does range in price from £245 to £780 for the framed portraits.

Is this your first 'public gallery' collection?

We had successful showcases at Olympia for 100% Design last September. We annually exhibit at the Staithes art fair too, which is a small local event. This is a big and delightful step for us now though as we exhibit our illuminated art in a gallery - it’s where we want to be!

"We get asked all the time to take this to London, but why? We live here and are proud to be from the North East."

Can you tell me more about the environmental / sustainable aspects to Light Up North?

We run our own workshops rather than buying everything in from overseas and we create jobs and a skilled workforce in a small seaside town where we all live.

I know that the North East is full of incredible talent and amazing enterprise, yet we get asked all the time to take this to London, but why? We live here and are proud to be from the North East.

Light up North focuses on the creation of real jobs for local people. We know that we have been able to contribute to the local economy. This raises environmental opportunity for everyone. Our workshops are in a formerly derelict building that has been saved, and now brings life and enterprise to our town.

What makes your work unique?

We think that the application of new technology and an eye for cheeky, cool design, sets Light up North apart.

Light up North’s new showcase of electro-luminescent (EL) wire creations and illuminated art designs opens on Friday 15 November at The Winter Launch.

Get creative and make your very own illuminated sign at Light Up North's Neon Cocktail Workshop (booking required)

Light Up North's collection will be available in the gallery on the pay monthly Own Art scheme and online.

Stay tuned for updates...