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Introducing: Spring Exhibition

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With winter drawing to a close and the daffodils making an early appearance, we’re taking a sneak peek at the artists coming to the gallery this spring. Featuring work from over 250 artists, our Spring Exhibition sees new faces and returning favourites adorning the walls.

Scroll down and be inspired by a first look at our upcoming collections.

Graham Rider

Graham is a landscape painter, who has been practicing for over 40 years. With particular focus on the hinterland between land and sea, Graham’s work aims to capture the feeling of standing within the scene itself. His style of painting is more impressionist than photographic; conveying that which cannot be seen and directly represented in realism – the softness of the sand and the rustle of the grass.

Over the years, Graham has completed various commissions such as a triptych of Liverpool St Station for Railtrack (a project that now hangs in the National Railways Museum) and a painting of Covent Garden for Guardian Royal Properties.

From the beach

Oil on board

Over Ross' beach

Oil on board

Summer breeze

Oil on board

Lily Greenwood

Lily works from a fascination with the natural world realized at an early age, growing up in Cumbria. With influence from eighteenth century printmakers such as Hokusaki and Hiroshige, her artwork creates glorified representations of nature choosing subject matter primarily as a vehicle for exploring colour.

Lily’s trademark technique, developed over a number of years, uses reproductions of her own paintings as collage material onto a new canvas. Backgrounds are painted with acrylics then the collage material is employed. She then uses washes of ink, applies additional details with paint or drawing and finally varnishes the finished piece with clear gloss, securing the collage and adding an opulent lustre to bring depth to her colours.

Butterflies and Hibiscus on Prussia

Mixed media

Koi Pond with Lilies and Maple

Mixed media

Butterflies on Burnt Sienna Turquoise Ochre

Mixed media

Janine Burrows

Also known as Jam & Ginger Design Studios, Janine Burrows is a designer, painter and illustrator from West Yorkshire. Originally from a surface pattern and printed textiles background, Janine applies techniques used in these areas to all aspects of her creative career.

Painting is where Janine’s heart is, with a style that takes bold colours and expressive mark making to represent the constant inspiration from the great British countryside coast. Using mixed media she creates textural pieces. Gouache, acrylic, pencil, oil pastel, even household paint have their uses in exploration. Her work deals with memories and captured moments within a certain place, taking photographs and sketches back to her studio for reflection to work on the finished piece.


Mixed media

Jekyll Garden

Mixed media

The Bathing House

Mixed media

Sam Wood

Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, local artist Sam Wood paints everyday places and people. Realism is heavily featured in his paintings, which he balances with impulsive and experimental techniques to create the effect of a vivid dream rather than a photographic representation.

Sam’s work deals with the aesthetics of modern life, painting his everyday surroundings. Heavily featuring people and architecture of Newcastle, his paintings hold a nostalgia for the city and the moments captured.

Figures in the Laing Gallery

Oil on panel

Down the river

Oil on panel

National Gallery Scene, London

Oil on panel

Helen Martino

Having trained as a potter, Helen’s work has evolved to place emphasis on the conceptual over functional element of ceramics. Helen creates sculptures which embody a sense of narrative. Each piece within a series explores an element of the story through a change in scale, movement, composition or colour. With a broad source of inspiration from the exaggerated and stylised movements actors employ in silent movies to Mogul and Persian miniature paintings, Helen’s sculptures relate to a single moment where, great or small, events in people’s lives are revealed by a gesture.

A Quiet Moment


Happy Summer Picnic


Romantic Rendezvous


Alex McCarthy

Formally inspired by simple ceramic profiles, Alex’s pieces are distinctive in their highly textured surfaces - creating a harmonious balance between form and surface. The tactile quality of his work is inspired by the textures that surround us every day, inviting us to explore through touch something that may otherwise go overlooked; tree bark, rocks, cracking paint, even marine life. The thrown vessel is used as a canvas to investigate the properties of these surfaces. Metal oxides add depth whilst the gold, platinum and copper lustre adds a sense of opulence.

PLYable Design

Founded by architects and designers Claire and Matthew Margetts in 2013, PLYable is a design studio based in Blyth, Northumberland. Working simultaneously in architecture, interior design, furniture and product design PLYable's projects explore practicality, flexibility and personality with unique designs that encourage owners and users to engage, interpret and enjoy.

All the designs share the same philosophy- that furniture should be useful, fun, made to last, be enjoyed by grown-ups of all ages and leave room for imagination.

Gareth Griffiths

Gareth’s Sculptures are influenced by West coast American architecture called “Googie” – a term derived from a John Lautner design for a coffee shop built in West Hollywood. The movement is characterised by flowing lines, odd abstract cut-outs, upswept roofs, boomerang shapes which can been seen within Gareth’s metal sculptures. His pieces are colourful and eye-catching, made with the intention of catching people’s attention and drawing them in for a closer look.

In 2015, Gareth was elected as a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors, and has exhibited in galleries across the world. From 2015-2017, Gareth worked with the Michelin stared Chef Michael O'hare where he had work on display in his Leeds restaurant "The Man Behind The Curtain".

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