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Autumn Social at The Biscuit Factory


Join us on Saturday 10 September from 11am - 1pm for our Autumn Social to celebrate the changing season. Enjoy complimentary refreshments while browsing our newest exhibitions and collections at this informal social event. RSVP by 7 September to art@thebiscuitfactory.com to let us know you'll be there!

Graham Rider

Meet our headline artist Graham Rider.

Graham is a landscape painter, who has been practicing for over 40 years. With particular focus on the hinterland between land and sea, Graham’s work aims to capture the feeling of standing within the scene itself. His style of painting is more impressionist than photographic; conveying that which cannot be seen and directly represented in realism – the softness of the sand and the rustle of the grass.

Over the years, Graham has completed various commissions such as a triptych of Liverpool St Station for Railtrack (a project that now hangs in the National Railways Museum) and a painting of Covent Garden for Guardian Royal Properties.


Summer Over the Dunes by Graham Rider

Sol by Millie Suu-Kyi

Millie Suu-Kyi

Join Millie, the winner of our 2020 Open Contemporary Young Artist Award, as she presents a solo show of new work featuring 5 imaginary characters and their possessions, represented in both illustration and sculpture.

The inspiration for the show is a playful exploration into the relationship between people and their possessions, including how specific items can be used to both enhance one's outward appearance whilst masking one's hidden insecurities....

Northern Photography Prize 2022

This exclusive exhibition will showcase the photographs shortlisted for the Northern Photography Prize 2022.

Founded in 2021 by bestselling author LJ Ross, who will be opening the exhibition on Saturday, through her publishing imprint Dark Skies Publishing, consists of two awards that recognise photographs that capture the spirit (landscape) and heart (people and portraits) of the North East of England.

Open to all amateur photographers across the UK, the awards aim to build, support, and maintain confidence of new and emerging photographers. The shortlist has been selected by a panel of judges including LJ Ross, Newcastle-based professional photographers Jason Friend and Adam Lang, The Alnwick Garden’s Daniel Russell, and Living North Editor Janet Blair.

Arc Fold Brooch by Ruth Laird

New JewelleryCollections

We'll be welcoming a multitude of new contemporary jewellery collections including:

Rachel Brown - silver, enamel and resin jewellery with hand-drawn embellishments

Silverkupe - limited collections of handmade jewellery in silver and gold with bold designs and colours

Ruth Laird - silver and gold jewellery inspired by geometry, architectural structures and abstract perspectives

Clare Hillerby - unique pieces in sterling silver and perspex, preserving hand-picked historic ephemera.

RSVP by 7 September to art@thebiscuitfactory.com to let us know you'll be there!

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