16 Stoddart Street

Newcastle upon Tyne


Daily 10am - 5pm

Image shows a small cropped section of a larger portrait painting by Peter Davis

Peter Davis

Part of the New Light Prize Exhibition 2020

Peter is a social realist painter currently exploring the subject of humanity and its relationship with personal technology. He started this body of work in 2015 to reflect our increasingly addictive relationship with the technology that now dominates our lives. He says, 'seeing people glued to their devices is so commonplace that we don't give it a second glance anymore'.

He studied art at the Manchester School of Art in the late 80s and then spent the next 25 years working as an advertising creative. The projects he worked on during that time became increasingly centered around people using personal devices - this has undoubtedly influenced his focus as a professional artist.

Peter has exhibited in group and solo shows throughout the UK including the GM Arts Prize, Aesthetica Art Prize, ING Discerning Eye and The Castlegate Prize. He is an elected member of the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts.