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Pamela Grace

Pamela Grace

Pamela Grace ‘s prints generally start as sketches made in the open air – or occasionally from windows, as she assesses the world around her looking for details and patterns that catch her eye. Sometimes these are small in scale, hedgerows, chimney pots  and roadside verges and sometimes the flow of the wider landscape itself inspires her.  Based in Dumfries and Galloway, Pamela has a small press at home and often works at the kitchen table strengthening sketches into print ideas and sometimes hand-colouring her prints. A member of the Gracefield Print Studio in Dumfries she uses their facilities develop techniques and different forms of etching  to edition her prints.
Pamela’s creative career commenced in textile design , having trained at the Scottish College of Textiles in Galashiels but her focus on detail and pattern and her love of drawing developed into  printmaking. She is always intrigued by  the  unpredictable twists and turns of the journey when  developing an idea from sketchbook drawings  through  the various technical processes of creating the metal plate ready to be inked up and run through the press.
Pamela’s work has been exhibited at a wide range of galleries  and she also regularly takes part in events   such as  Spring Fling  in Dumfries and Galloway, and the Great Print Show at Rheged.

May Garden by Pamela Grace | Contemporary Print for sale at The Biscuit Factory Newcastle Sold

May Garden

January Beeches by Pamela Grace | Contemporary handmade prints for sale at The Biscuit Factory Newcastle

January Beeches

Harbour Washing by Pamela Grace, a handmade etching print of washing on a line. | Original art for sale at The Biscuit Factory NewcastleSold

Harbour Washing


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Summer Evening Light by Pamela Grace | Handmade Prints for sale at The Biscuit Factory Newcastle

Summer Evening

Foxgloves & Valerian by Pamela Grace | Handmade prints for sale at The Biscuit Factory Newcastle Sold

Foxgloves & Valerian


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Murmuration by Pamela Grace | Contemporary Prints for sale at The Biscuit Factory Newcastle Sold