16 Stoddart Street

Newcastle upon Tyne


Daily 10am - 5pm

Original handmade glass by Graham Muir at The Biscuit Factory.

Graham Muir

Graham Muir set up his studio in 1999 after 9 years of teaching hot glass at Sunderland University; his main objective was to solely concentrate on his own work as far as possible. For him the concept of the work is just the starting point for a conversation between the artist’s idea and the material. The artist flags up the idea, the medium responds and the discussion begins. However the material must not dominate proceedings either and hot glass, as most who work in it know, can be very persuasive in having its own way. This is where technical skill plays its part.

We are delighted to be exhibiting some of Graham’s most recent work. He is widely acknowledged to be one of the most exciting talents in the glass world. He recently took part in Art in Action, an exhibition of invited artists, demonstrating their skills, where participating artists voted him the Best of the Best.