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Steven Lindsay
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Steven Lindsay lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland. A former student at Glasgow School of Art Steven had an accomplished career in the music industry before returning to his first love, painting. Steven is an established figure in the Scottish art scene, winning numerous awards and being shortlisted for the prestigious Aspect Prize in 2011. His work is held in private collections in the UK, Europe, Scandinavia and Canada.

Estelle Lovatt, the art critic featured on the Radio 2 Arts Show with Claudia Winkleman described his work as, “like revisiting Vermeer in the Dutch Golden Age of painterly skill against the Colour Field of Rothko, all intertwined with an aesthetic twist of contemporary, complex-simplicity. Lindsay using his paintbrush eloquently, capturing painterly conversations between the art history giants of a bygone age and a bygone art.”

Most of Steven's work is figurative and focuses on light, structure and composition. We're thrilled to be showcasing his new collection, which deals with vulnerability, continuous passage, flow and isolation and features striking images of swimmers, pilots and pilgrims.


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