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Creative workshops at The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle upon Tyne.
Creative workshops at The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle upon Tyne.
Creative workshops at The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle upon Tyne.
Creative workshops at The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Introduction to Intaglio Drypoint Printing
Sunday 21 October


Time: 1.30pm- 3.30pm

Location: The Biscuit Factory Gallery

Hosted by: Pete Marsh & Nigel Leighton


The Big Draw at The Biscuit Factory


Join artists Pete Marsh and Nigel Leighton for a Drypoint Printing workshop. Participants will learn the art of drypoint and find out more about numerous different printmaking techniques. All resources will be provided and all participants will go home with their own print, and the skills to progress further with drypoint printing. 

Dry-point is an “intaglio” printmaking technique employed by artists including Kathe Kollwitz, Rembrandt, Degas, Whistler and Hopper to name but a few! It involves inscribing lines into a sheet material (the “plate”) with a sharp tool (hence “dry point”) and the grooves are filled with a viscous ink and printed onto paper. It can be used in conjunction with acid etching as Rembrandt often did or entirely on its own as Kollwitz, Degas and others have done. An acid etched line tends to produce a hard, crisp line whereas the line achieved with dry-point is often a soft velvety line. Dark tones are built up by cross-hatching and by pressing a little harder into the plate.

More experimental techniques include the use of abrading the surface with sand-paper. Traditionally printmakers like Rembrandt used copper for the plate material but at this workshop participants will be using a transparent sheet of plastic (polypropylene). The plastic plate is easier to work due to its comparative softness and the image can be traced onto the plate enabling accurate transfer from the source material (drawing or photograph). The inking of the plate allows for additional creativity as mono-print techniques can be incorporated in the final print.

Please note: All resources will be provided however, if you do wish to bring your own image from which to work it should be reversed (mirror image) and measure 89mm x 140mm. 


Pete Marsh

Pete Marsh's work is representational comprising largely of landscape and figurative work. Pete works “en plein-air” sketches, studio sketches, photographs and occasionally digital manipulation techniques to help to produce, not just a facsimile of what he sees, but something that expresses what he feels. His love of landscape can be attributed to hours of cycling and walking in the countryside.

Pete lives and works in Bolton, Greater Manchester and in addition to his art practice he manages FaMAS (Falcon Mill Artist's Studios), a suite of eleven artists’ studios and a spacious exhibition area in a Grade II listed former cotton mill.

Nigel Leighton

Nigel lives and works in Coldingham, Scotland. He embarked upon his 'second' career as an artist in 2011 after working in various aspects of art education, as an art teacher, adviser and gallery director in two contemporary art galleries. His training is in Fine Art and Ceramics and his work is often an abstract response to the places he finds himself in and the thoughts and emotions he experiences either directly or from memory at any given moment. Nigel is attracted to the weathered, distressed and eroded surfaces which occur in both natural and urban environments.


Further information

A discount voucher for use in The Factory Kitchen café will be provided for all workshop participants, and tea/coffee and cake will be provided on the day. Workshop participants are also welcome to bring their own packed lunch.

All participants will receive an emailed booking confirmation and a reminder email close to the event. 


The Big Draw at The Biscuit Factory