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Newcastle upon Tyne


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A collection of original handmade furniture from designer-maker Tom Philipson at The Biscuit Factory.

Tom Philipson

Tom Philipson is a designer and maker of furniture and products from mostly wood. He designs through actual making, and constructs using traditional tools and techniques mixed with an experimental process. Exploring the sustainable processes of repurposing by-product/left over wood shavings, Tom creates beautiful and functional light shades which give new life to what would otherwise be discarded materials. His practice has recently moved into shelving and other 2D designs.

Tom has also recently completed a residency in Japan with Grizesale Arts and A Fair Land Collective. During this period Tom lived and worked in a bamboo forest, developing products and infrastructure to re-energise the local community. 

Tom's current collection features in our Great Exhibition of the North 2018 show design | innovate | craft.

Woodshaving Lampshade

Woodshaving Lampshade

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