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Sarah Morpeth

Sarah Morpeth

Sarah Morpeth lives and works in the beautiful Northumberland National Park, in a landscape which is a constant source of inspiration. Sarah is grounded in this place, and much of her work and the imagery she uses is linked to it, to her memories of it as well as her daily experience of it. 

Sarah's background is in embroidery, in which she did a degree at Manchester Metropolitan University, and she retains a love of textiles, bringing many of those techniques into her work. Paper is her medium - everything she does begins with a blank sheet of paper. Sarah's work combines a range of processes, including stitching, bookbinding, hand painting, printing and hand and machine cutting. She uses and embraces technology, but whatever she is working on starts life as a drawing or a hand cut - or both. 

Sarah's starting point is often text - the inspiration for many of her pieces comes from a 1945 film titled 'I Know Where I'm Going'. The film script, characters, cinematography and film structure all influence her work. Bits of the script trickle into her pieces, snippets of dialogue, forming and reforming, taking on new meanings and telling different stories. In all of Sarah's work she strives to find that perfect marriage of form and content. 

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