16 Stoddart Street

Newcastle upon Tyne


Mon-Sun, 10am - 5pm

Buy original handmade jewellery by Oll at The Biscuit Factory.


Anya Kovalieva is the artist behind the jewellery brand Oll, she trained as an artist and photographer at Valand Art Academy in Sweden.

From her studio overlooking the bridges of Ouseburn Valley in Newcastle, she brings you pieces that are both strong and serene. Anya uses polymer clay as the main material for her work. Chosen it for its versatility and a wide range of colour choices, polymer clay is mixed for custom colours, shaped by hand and then baked to harden. Anya meticulously polished the clay  elements producing a very smooth and touchable finish, which is distinct for her jewellery. 

Please contact the gallery for current stock.

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