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A collection of handmade metal furniture by Novocastrian at The Biscuit Factory.


Novocastrian is a family business founded by Richy Almond and his brother Paul, combining expertise in manufacturing, architectural practice and artistry. Sons of a long lineage of Tyneside shipbuilders they grew up in a former mining village, developing a fascination for the North East’s once mighty industrial heritage.

Continual exposure to a family metalworks business developed into a deep passion for making, and in particular for designing. This ultimately led to an architectural training, with their studies split between the Glasgow School of Art, Northumbria University and the University of Westminster.

Richy and Paul explain, "Craft is born of industry, of the manufacturing heritage of our home, North East England. Our creations are elemental, they are humble yet timeless. We believe in the honest beauty of raw, modest materials. Metal is our obsession, the backbone of our work. Each and every one of our pieces is hand-crafted to order with passion and integrity by hardy northern souls. Our aim is to produce beautiful creations whilst championing the North East. We look to repurpose making skills inherited over many generations into something appropriate for our modern times."

Novocastrian's work current features in our Great Exhibition of the North 2018 exhibition design | innovate | craft.

An original handmade metal shelving unit by Novocastrain at The Biscuit Factory.

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