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A collection of original works from Morsky Studio at The Biscuit Factory.

Morsky Studio

Morsky Studio is the work of Adam Westerman, an artist and game designer from South Shields. Adam’s work is fundamentally rooted in world building. Cultivating awe, wonder and curiosity. When a player enters a well designed game they should feel like an explorer entering a living breathing world that has existed long before their agency and influence did. There should already be a way of life, customs, culture, history, forgotten truths with folklore to fill in the gaps. It is from this foundation that Adam works, striving to embed landscapes and scenery with subtle environmental stores that will hopefully give more questions than answers.

Although Adam has grown up as an artist on the cusp of the digital arts revolution, he - like many others his age - has chosen to explore traditional practices. The reason for this departure is firstly to create pieces that look more like artefacts plucked out of the very worlds he creates; but secondly to lose some of the control he has gotten used to as a digital artist. Traditional materials and old techniques require a humility and compromise that results in a much more charming end-product than what could be produced digitally.

Adam is deeply inspired by Japanese illustration and woodblock printing, and strives to embed his interpretation of their culture into his work as an outsider, while no doubt missing the point.

Morsky Studios work current features in our Great Exhibition of the North 2018 exhibition design | innovate | craft.

An original illustration by Morsky Studio at The Biscuit Factory.


An original illustration by Morsky Studio at The Biscuit Factory.


An original illustration by Morsky Studio at The Biscuit Factory.



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