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An original handmade jewellery by designer-maker Katrina Nolan at The Biscuit Factory.

Katrina Nolan

Katrina Nolan is a London-based contemporary jeweller. Every piece in Katrina's collection is handcrafted and based upon a particular theme or concept.

Taking ‘every day’ objects and transforming the common or banal, into something new is the main focus of Katrina's work. Exploring the revival of dead ideas or forgotten material means that for Katrina, everything has the potential for renewal. The subversive often plays a role in her projects where she take elements of life that are perhaps considered taboo, or difficult to discuss, and bring them to the fore. In doing so she makes them a point of discussion, exposing them rather than hiding them.

Katrina's latest collection 'Construct' is based upon Russian Constructivist artists, Alexander Rodchenko and Luibov Popova. Their works included sculpture, painting and drawing. Katrina created a collection of 16 sculptures in response to images of their work and from there, a jewellery collection. The pieces in this collection are a simplistic yet bold exploration of form and volume. 

"Jewellery design has always fascinated me since it is one of the few art forms that is both very public and very personal at the same time. Jewellery is always more interesting when it has a story to tell and this is where my interest lies." 


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