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Hannah Bedford

Hannah Bedford is one of the leading makers of contemporary fine jewellery using the art of granulation. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted in her studio at Cockpit Arts in London.

For over a decade Hannah has pushed the technical and creative boundaries of the granulation process. Influenced by organic growth patterns - she has explored ever more complex and intriguing ways to adjoin, layer, texture and entwine surfaces with handcrafted granules. Fine granulation captures precious stones and interlaces between surfaces, linking necklaces and bangles, embellishing delicate earrings and weaving across engagement and wedding rings. Hannah’s designs often play with scale and form, combine contrasting precious metals or feature statement stones.

Buy 'Granule Bangle', handmade jewellery by Hannah Bedford at The Biscuit Factory.Sold

Granule Bangle

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