16 Stoddart Street

Newcastle upon Tyne


Daily 10am - 5pm

Image shows a cropped section of an urban landscape painting by Andrea Sadler

Andrea Sadler

Part of the New Light Prize Exhibition 2020

Andrea Sadler has always been drawn towards architecture within her artwork - in particular, the sense of place or feeling a building or structure can give. Growing up in Durham, she was always fascinated by the Cathedral and the way it dominated the city and dictated its history.

Andrea graduated in Fine Art and specialised in Printmaking, where often incidental marks and surface are quintessential elements of the piece. The surface of the painting is therefore often a starting point with the structure emerging from the marks and gestures already established.

To create surface interest in her paintings, Andrea uses various mediums such as oil paint, spray paint, emulsion, acrylic and charcoal. She also employs printmaking techniques using stencils, bubble wrap, card and found objects.