16 Stoddart Street

Newcastle upon Tyne


Mon-Sun, 10am - 5pm

Original sculpture by Ana Duncan at The Biscuit Factory.

Ana Duncan

Ana Duncan works in bronze, stainless steel and ceramic from her studio in Churchtown, Dublin. She has exhibited in numerous galleries and exhibitions in Ireland including Royal Hibernian Academy, Royal Ulster Academy, Claremorris Open, Boyle Arts Festival, Sculpture in Context at Fernhill Gardens, and the National Botanic Gardens. Her work has also travelled to exhibitions in Belfast, Boston, Britanny, London, Paris, and Scotland. 

She constantly returns to the female figure for her subject, though a recent body of work was inspired by patterns and forms in the natural world. Her main influences are the work of Henry Moore, Botero, Picasso, FE McWilliam, among others, and the simplicity of Brancusi.

Over the years Duncan has assumed a seminally important role in the Irish Woman's Sculpture Movement. The moulded, fluid surfaces of her work and the vibrant play of light and shadow marks her as a contemporary of Modernism. Once considered a neglected art and defined by a male province, Ana Duncan's work silently breaks boundaries, unconsciously providing us with both tenacious and challenging forms. Her work conjures up a plethora of images, philosophies and ideas. Whilst others struggle with controversial media and jettison traditional techniques Ana Duncan holds steadfast. Working in clay she pares back the female figure to its essential elements. Her medium dictates the form.