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Welcome Juliet E P Gibbs


Cover image: Berlin I, oil and acrylic on canvas, £1600

The Biscuit Factory is excited to welcome Juliet E P Gibbs to the gallery this Autumn with her solo showcase as winner of the 2019 Contemporary Young Artist Award.

Somerset-born Juliet graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Falmouth University in 2018 and now lives and works in London.
Juliet's work focuses mainly on the contrast between the organic and the man-made. The work seeks to look at the direct impact humanity poses in relation to the world we live in, and how nature inevitably fights back. This age-old conflict creates an interesting 'push-and-pull' that we can all observe in the places we live, work and visit.



This exhibition is an amalgamation of work Juliet has made over the past 3 years. From a painting shown back at her degree show in 2018, and the withat won the Contemporary Young Artist Award in 2019 to pieces created during lockdown and in the run up to her current showcase.

The collections emphasises the natural progression of my work as well as showing the evolution of Juliet's style

Image: Blue Leaf, oil and acrylic on canvas, £1100

Image: Scaffold, oil and acrylic on canvas, £800

From large-scale canvases in Juliet's preferred oil and acrylic paints, to small charcoal studies providing an insight into the artist's process; the collection pays homage to the glasshouses of England's garden estates, and the microcosmic nature of having a tropical jungle preserved within a European climate that so fascinates the artist.

Visit Juliet's exhibition from 24 September - 26 November.


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