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Simon M Smith
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Simon M Smith was born in Burnley, Lancashire, in 1957. He studied Fine Art at Manchester Polytechnic and the University of Reading.


Working with a thematic colour palette and a mixture of mediums including torn paper, dress pattern tissue, drawing materials and soft colour washes, Simon conceives works of abstracted still life that, in his words “discovers or expresses its own meaning”. Smith’s precise and stark use of line and bold contrasting forms, recalling the work of the abstract expressionists, creates a sense of deconstructed dimension and perspective. Dense clusters of shapes punctuate the space giving a dynamic feeling of movement.


Simon's works combine intricate elements of collage with finely painted details to create a unique visual language. His paintings have a mesmerising quality drawing the viewer in layer after layer. Simon's works are accessible on so many levels; they are breathtakingly beautiful as decorative objects, but upon closer inspection one can't help but get drawn into a dream-like world of colours and shapes created by the artist.


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