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Stephen Heward
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Stephen Heward is an acclaimed landscape painter based in York. Stephen's paintings are an evolving dialogue with the elements that celebrate the experience of being part of the landscape, often at the edge of daylight. Inspired by his love of isolation and solitude - to be found in islands, the sky or the desert, an empty beach or a stretch of moorland, Stephen combines a loose and spontaneous painting technique with a deep understanding of the landscape from a lifetime of close observation as a landscape architect, pilot and painter. 


For more than 30 years Stephen has studied landscapes and skies all over the world as a landscape architect, then as a pilot and painter. Most of his work is a response driven by memory and the emotional experience of the landscape, charged by his connection to the ever changing light and weather of the Northern British landscape. It lies somewhere between figuration and abstraction, and is largely concerned with the visual pleasure provided by the interplay of marks, colours, textures and forms.

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