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Lisa Ellul
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Lisa Ellul is a ceramicist based in the beautiful Peak District National Park. From her workshop she designs and hand makes sculptural vessels and forms inspired by the natural world. She has been a designer for nearly twenty years and has exhibited nationally and internationally. Lisa has pieces in the William Alfred Ismay collection bequeathed to the Yorkshire Museum and the “Made In Manchester” collection at the City Gallery, Manchester.


Lisa aims for her ceramic pieces to have a dialogue between delicacy and solidity and texture and form. The pieces are constructed from tubes or cones of clay and organized in a structured formation. The piece may be multi- layered or a simple one-layer vessel. This method of construction creates an intricate texture and articulation of surface. Texture rather than colour has always been a key motif in her work and she utilizes colour very occasionally, preferring a soft wash of oxides.

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