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Malcolm Yorke
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Dr Malcolm Yorke had a long career as an academic teaching English in schools, then in a Finnish university and finally in Northumbria University Department of Education. He is also the author of fifteen books on twentieth century art including publications on Keith Vaughan, Edward Bawden, and Eric Gill.


Since childhood he has also always been an active artist, making paintings, prints, and sculptures. In his twenties he inherited tools from his cabinet-making grandfather and these inspired him to begin carving wood and then stone. The human figure forms the basis of much of his work, with weekly attendance of life drawing classes a continuous cornerstone of his practice. He also likes the shapes of fish and birds, and the associated mythologies of their imagery. His work is frequently humorous, and he believes this is a quality which is overlooked too often in art.


The pieces within this collection are collected from over forty years of sculpting and represent a rare retrospective of his practice.

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