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Luke Bishop
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Luke Bishop makes wheel-thrown porcelain vessels. His work often plays with and subverts typically held assumptions of what makes an object functional; it is never exclusively about solving a design problem as his work usually contains a contextual narrative that anchors it in history or politics. Luke’s main interest is a continuing exploration of the (sometimes fractious) marriage between Abstraction and Function, and in its most accessible form it manifests as the functional vessels he makes that might possess sculptural features. This work is generally created at human scale and is very much intended for use.


Luke’s ceramic practice is informed by a background in graphic design, Information Architecture, interface design and an innate interest in functionality and human behaviour; antecedents found in his work can be traced to wide-ranging influences such as the utilitarian and sculptural pots of Ben Fiess, the canvases of Giorgio Morandi, the graphic design of 23 Envelope and early to mid-20th century ringware ceramics by Bauer.

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